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Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling – Some Useful Ways to Control the Urge

As human beings, we are wary of taking risks. We are often scared of engaging in tricky activities that could expose us to danger or put us on the line. However, there are some cold-hearted ones who are not scared of taking huge risks, regardless of the consequences. This Gordian knot is usually tagged “problem gambling”.

Problem Gambling is an uncontrollable urge to bet - one that bookies find really hard to control, choosing to continue gambling in spite of the toll it takes on their lives. Gambling can have an incredibly negative effect on your life.

Despite knowing this, gamblers don’t think twice before delving into wagering or betting. Also known as compulsive gambling and gambling disorder, problem gambling incites the reward system of the brain just like alcohol and drugs.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective methods for controlling the urge to gamble. Here’s how you can control the impulse to gamble.

1. Where to Get Help – Are you a compulsive gambler? Or, any of your loved ones are dealing with a gambling problem? No matter what, you can get that much-needed help you desire. No longer will you have to spend another day struggling with addiction. You can discover a whole lot of facilities to help you cope with gambling cravings.
Controlling your gambling urge can prove a challenging affair, but truth be told, not an unachievable feat. However, majority have a hard time admitting they are suffering from a gambling addiction, making it very difficult to help them. Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are highly recommended for obsessive bettors.
While Behaviour Therapy relies on methodical exposure, allowing the gambler to diminish the urge by his own free-will; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy stringently focuses on recognizing unreasonable thoughts and replacing them with rational ones.
Psychological therapies can tackle fundamental problems, including anxiety, nervousness, or self-seclusion. Also, consulting your doctor can help you treat the problem of gambling. If needed, your doctor can refer you to a psychologist.
Other remedies such as recovery programs, lifestyle changes, and one-on-one counselling can help you suppress problem gambling.

2. What Measures Online Bookmakers Have – Bookmakers offer various measures that help you overcome problem gambling. Some of them include:

  1. Deposit Limits: It is the most effective tool to reduce gambling losses. This service is provided by every bookmaker on the website. It allows you to place a limit for how much you can deposit for a particular time frame – say a week or month. Upon reaching this limit, you will not be allowed further deposits.
  2. Time Restrictions: These have become exceptionally common with bookmakers in the UK due to new rules. They create time constraints to control the time each user spends on their website.
  3. Self-Exclusion: It is mandatory for every UK bookmaker to offer this feature. It prevents one from placing a bet on their favourite casino game with that operator, for a limited period of time.
  4. Using Customer History: When gambling online, you are able to digitally track gambling by bet type, section, period, etc. When you keep a close watch on betting, you will be in a position to gamble sensibly.

3. Apps to Stop You Betting - There are certain apps that can infuse healthy habits, encouraging one to have a rethink on the emotions that trigger uncontrollable behaviours. These apps help you control cravings. These apps can also help limit the amount of time mobile users spend on gambling sites.

4. Regulations from the Industry on Gambling Adverts - The advertising regulations for gambling sites are specifically designed to make sure each advertisement is tailored to follow an orthodox standard. These rules and regulations primarily focus on protecting the interests of children and those under 18 years of age. Also, they target those groups who are susceptible to being harmed or even exploited by advertisements promoting or focusing on gambling.

If you are looking to overcome a gambling addiction, realising that you have a serious problem is probably the biggest step. It takes great courage to own up to the fact that you are addicted to gambling, especially if you have lost a great deal of money and put relationships with your loved ones in harm’s way.

Don’t fret! The above-mentioned ways will help you overcome your gambling addiction. It is crucial for you to refrain yourself from gambling completely as occasional gambling can cause major setbacks in your recovery.

Wrapping Up

Gambling is a serious problem that can have adverse effects on your health, relationships, etc. If you are serious about quitting this unwanted addiction, consider applying some of the aforementioned methods to curb your gambling excesses.

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